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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ten suggestions for Better "Listening ' Number "2"

Have no Investment  In the answer to the Question..
"Listening " is difficult when we desire a special answer. We should realize that we do not know what is "best " for us, and accept what we are given. No one who already thinks he or she knows can truly ask.
Many of our " questions" do not really  seek answers.They are simply calls for justification of what we already believe.When  we have already decided what the answer should be ,how we will accept it, when it  will occur, or how it is to affect us, we close our minds to receiving the "real" answer that is right for us.

" What you wish  will hurt you ",  we refuse to listen.. Instead, we must say in our heart, "I willingly  accept the answer given to me  as the truth, regardless of whether or not it pleases me right now." We must mean this in our heart because all true questions are asked there. What our lips
may say  often  means nothing, for our heart's desire is the true request.
What we want in our heart precedence over all other types of request...........

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