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Sunday, June 12, 2011

For Insomnia - gentle Gibberish or Glossolalia

Q: What can I do about Insomnia ?? Which alot of us seem to deal with..

METHOD: When  before you go to sleep.  Duration : 5-30 minutes....of gentle  gibberish
 Gibberish , also know as  Glossolalia, is the  meditation  technique  of speaking in nonsense
sounds and syllables. This is a method  that will help to  empty the mind quickly. In this meditation it is  good to begin  first with  gentle gibberish.
Usually we go on thinking and remembering ,even in our sleep. Gibberish  will help to throw out whatever noise and commotion is in the mind.It can be  done before going to sleep or whenever it is needed .Just begin  talking in  nonsense sounds and syllables.One sound  will come and then another .Be totally into it as you can . Soon you may find yourself speaking in all sorts of foreign languages !! This is okay, as long as it is not a language that you know.
Speaking a language that you know will not help to empty the mind, because you can get
caught in the thoughts and the stories. Speaking  nonsense sounds and syllables lets  you say
anything you like, without either you or anyone else being able to figure out what is being said. You might at first feel shy, inhibited or even guilty {what am I saying ?! } But as you keep doing this ,you will see that it does  its own work. Your gestures and  the totality you bring to the glossolalia helps release all the noise that is accumulated in the mind.
The fact is the mind has gotten into a habit of chattering and it no longer remebers how to turn it off. This method allows the mind's tension and stress to be released . And as you  become emptier, it will be easier to fall  asleep. At night, through dreams and thoughts, the mind is trying to empty  itself for the next day, and it has to do this  so you are ready to face life again. This method  is creating  a situation  and an invitation for quietness to come  and for sleep or perhaps deeper sleep to happen.

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