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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ten Suggestion for better Listening !! this is the first One ...

1. We Need to be Still..We need to still our minds, to let let all thoughts but a desire to hear pass through our minds unresisted, to let go all our ideas of what  we need , quiet our bodies' demands, and create a clean slate  in our minds so that we can hear. It is helpful to put aside all concepts of who we are and what we believe----even such basic beliefs as what we call " good" or  " bad ". Our minds are very powerful, and they create the world as we experince it.. As we still our minds, we come into harmony with our inner guide's
direction. We create a still, willing, receptive attutude that can be easily tuned to our highest good, eliminating all outside noise . In order to hear properly, we must have the desire to change our perception of the world..
We must  accept responsibility for our current perception of the world as being the cause of our present experince and be willing to seek another way, to " Listen" to another interpretation and to see with new eyes..We have within us all that is necessary to do this, and it is available when we are willing to silence our
 other efforts....

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