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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ten suggestions for Better "Listening ' Number "2"

Have no Investment  In the answer to the Question..
"Listening " is difficult when we desire a special answer. We should realize that we do not know what is "best " for us, and accept what we are given. No one who already thinks he or she knows can truly ask.
Many of our " questions" do not really  seek answers.They are simply calls for justification of what we already believe.When  we have already decided what the answer should be ,how we will accept it, when it  will occur, or how it is to affect us, we close our minds to receiving the "real" answer that is right for us.

" What you wish  will hurt you ",  we refuse to listen.. Instead, we must say in our heart, "I willingly  accept the answer given to me  as the truth, regardless of whether or not it pleases me right now." We must mean this in our heart because all true questions are asked there. What our lips
may say  often  means nothing, for our heart's desire is the true request.
What we want in our heart precedence over all other types of request...........

Be True ToYour Truth - The Truth Meditation { The art of learning to accept what Is }

This is a very simple meditation - just note that whatever you are doing is being done by truth. So, if you are walking it is truth walking ; if you are sleeping, it is truth sleeping ; if you are speaking, it is truth speaking ; if you are opening your eyes, it is truth opening your eyes; if you are being silent ,it is truth that is silent .
"Whatsoever the situation- if you are sad be sad ,if you are in a revengeful mood take your revenge, if you are jealous be jealous ,if you are angry be angry- never avoid the fact. You have to live it, that is a part of life's progress, growth, evolution.Those who avoid,remain immature.If you want to remain  immature then go on avoiding , but remember , you are  avoiding life itself.Whatsoever you are avoiding  is not the point;  the very avoiding  is an
avoidance of life.
Confront life. Encounter life.Difficult moments will be there but one day you will see that those difficult moments gave you strength  because you encountered them .They were meant to be .Those dififcult moments are hard when passing through them  but later on you will see they have made you more integrated. With out them   you would never have been centered  ,grounded.
 The old religions all over the world have been repressive: the new religion of the future is going to be  expressive... Let expression  be one  of the most  fundamental rules of your life.
 Even if  you  have to suffer for it, suffer. You will never be a loser. That suffering  will make  you more and more capable of enjoying life, of rejoicing in life..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ten Suggestion for better Listening !! this is the first One ...

1. We Need to be Still..We need to still our minds, to let let all thoughts but a desire to hear pass through our minds unresisted, to let go all our ideas of what  we need , quiet our bodies' demands, and create a clean slate  in our minds so that we can hear. It is helpful to put aside all concepts of who we are and what we believe----even such basic beliefs as what we call " good" or  " bad ". Our minds are very powerful, and they create the world as we experince it.. As we still our minds, we come into harmony with our inner guide's
direction. We create a still, willing, receptive attutude that can be easily tuned to our highest good, eliminating all outside noise . In order to hear properly, we must have the desire to change our perception of the world..
We must  accept responsibility for our current perception of the world as being the cause of our present experince and be willing to seek another way, to " Listen" to another interpretation and to see with new eyes..We have within us all that is necessary to do this, and it is available when we are willing to silence our
 other efforts....

For Insomnia - gentle Gibberish or Glossolalia

Q: What can I do about Insomnia ?? Which alot of us seem to deal with..

METHOD: When  before you go to sleep.  Duration : 5-30 minutes....of gentle  gibberish
 Gibberish , also know as  Glossolalia, is the  meditation  technique  of speaking in nonsense
sounds and syllables. This is a method  that will help to  empty the mind quickly. In this meditation it is  good to begin  first with  gentle gibberish.
Usually we go on thinking and remembering ,even in our sleep. Gibberish  will help to throw out whatever noise and commotion is in the mind.It can be  done before going to sleep or whenever it is needed .Just begin  talking in  nonsense sounds and syllables.One sound  will come and then another .Be totally into it as you can . Soon you may find yourself speaking in all sorts of foreign languages !! This is okay, as long as it is not a language that you know.
Speaking a language that you know will not help to empty the mind, because you can get
caught in the thoughts and the stories. Speaking  nonsense sounds and syllables lets  you say
anything you like, without either you or anyone else being able to figure out what is being said. You might at first feel shy, inhibited or even guilty {what am I saying ?! } But as you keep doing this ,you will see that it does  its own work. Your gestures and  the totality you bring to the glossolalia helps release all the noise that is accumulated in the mind.
The fact is the mind has gotten into a habit of chattering and it no longer remebers how to turn it off. This method allows the mind's tension and stress to be released . And as you  become emptier, it will be easier to fall  asleep. At night, through dreams and thoughts, the mind is trying to empty  itself for the next day, and it has to do this  so you are ready to face life again. This method  is creating  a situation  and an invitation for quietness to come  and for sleep or perhaps deeper sleep to happen.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Question: I like the meditation, but sometimes find it hard to sit still: itching all over and wanting to scratch.
Allow it - don't be worried about it . Scratch and just scratch very consciously .Move slowly.Don't do it. { with a rapid rubbing movement } Go very slowly, very consciously.
Then the meditation will not be disturbed at all. It is disturbed always by mechanical acts.
 Meditation is never  disturbed by activity .It is disturbed by mechanical activity .
For example  there is something in scratching that you can do mechanically, not paying any attention to it. But pay total attention to it .If the body wants to sway a liitle, sway  but very consciously. Bring all consciousness to it and then do it.Then there is no distraction .
 So don't resist  and don't fight with it , otherwise you will be concerned with it .A  very ordinary itch can become something  very big, out of all proportion.And  the more  you want to  avoid it, the more it attracts you. Then it becomes almost impossible to avoid it and and you feel a defeat. You are distracted  already  because your mind is resisting  fighting, and you have become divided in two. One part is trying to pull you to the itch,  another part is pulling you away. Meditation is already lost.
So when the itch is there , take note that your hand wants a little attention. Take  note and then  very slowly go to it - and you will be surprised .Sometimes  even by the time  you have reached it , it has disappeared - because it was just a trick of the body to attract your attention.There was nothing .

The body works like a small child. It constantly  attracts you : where are you going ? What are you doing?  Meditation ? That feels like  competition for the body and  the body starts feeling  jealous . You have been wed to the body  for so long that when you  start having a affair  with meditation  or something , the body starts feeling jealous. It is a women. It says ' I won't  allow you  this easily. Come here !  You have always been listening to me. Now what are you doing? Trying to escape from my domination, from  my possessiveness ? I will show you .!
 So it creates troubles- and  those are stupid troubles, but they can become  very irritating .
And the work is done - if you  are fighting, you  have been attracted already.
Your attention has been distracted. So don't fight  with the body.There is no need.
When the body wants your attention, give it total attention  but go very slowly, and meditatively .
And meditation is helping you , so continue doing it...

Namaste Janis

The Essentials of meditation

Mediation has a few essential things in it, whatever the method, but those few essentials are necessary in every method. The first is a relaxed state: no fight with the mind, no control of the mind, no concentration. Secound, just  watch the relaxed  awareness whatever is going  on, with out  any interference - just watching the mind, silently, without any judgement , evaluation.
 These are the three things: Relaxation, watching, No Judgement, and slowly, slowly a great silence descends over you . All movement  within  you ceases. You are, but there is no sense of ' I am '- just a pure space . There are over  one hundred and twelve methods of meditation.