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Monday, May 30, 2011

WE Seem to Hear Two Voices

The beginning stages of listening  often report hearing two" voices ". Inner voices are not  any different  from those we hear when we talk to ourselves -a sort of inner dialogue.
And we do talk to ourselves, wether we are aware of it or not. If we have wondered  about an idea  or a current event or wondered why something  exists -that wondering in our
mind is our "voice". It's just our "voice". It may take on  certain special characteristics if it will assist the listener. "Why ?" we ask ourselves. Aha! See, we do talk to ourselves .This is one way that truth comes to us- in the form of our own thoughts-the form that we can accept the easiest.Simply because it  is always with us , waiting to be heard,we cannot miss it unless
we so choose. Since we are so use to talking to ourselves, taking both sides of an internal conversation,we seem to hear two voices. We seem to have split our minds into two parts.When we ask ourselves what to do about this or that, the answer that we hear is our "voice" speaking , there are some differences, however,and it is helpful to recognize them Our daily, busy minds see much to do and create many needs to be filled . However, our contemplative  side sees order, joy, and harmony. This creative ,intuitive mind enjoys beauty and peace. As long as we feel in conflict, the experience of these two voices will continue.The one is" Prejudgment " as used here, is not the same  as logic, but may include logic. As we become  more aware of our "Insight " or Inner guide". the first voice, our " prejudgement".
becomes less dominant and more quiet .The less importance we give its tendency to judge in advance,the more we seek to remain  open-minded. It's good to become an observer  of our
thoughts- to see which thoughts are based on prejudgement, fear, prejudice and lack of trust -and which thoughts are trusting ,open,loving, and peaceful. If we dig  deeply and honestly  enough we will find that all thoughts are from  one of these two sources. Then  with our mind calm, we can " go inside and listen".When we are finished "listening".We may find that few of these things really need our attention. "Listening " gives perspective to our Lives. The "first"
voice always  answered quckly with suggestions for things to do and much to think about .
While the fist voice seemed certain of what I should do. I noticed that it usually was rapid,forceful. worried and often fearful. When I listened to the first "voice" I never had a  a feeling of peace or real confidence ,yet I did feel that I was in contacting someting beyond my  intellectual reasoning-some type of inner knowledge. As I looked more closely at what it wanted me to do ,I could see that the basis  for its decisions was often  fear {limitation}- fear of missing out ,fear of being late,or fear of all types of things. As I thought  about it , this negativity did not seem to be the type of advise that I  would get  from a peaceful and all -knowing source. Fortunatley, for m y peace of mind. I had  learned  gradually that this first voice was not always the one to "listen" to , and I calmly waited for a secound voice. I don't remember exactly what I heard ,but I was  assured that I would be taken  care of and that I should love everyone  in the place, from  those crowding in , to the seemingly uncaring attendants .I went outside , took some pictures  of the beautiful scenery and returned ,not worried about waiting .In a very short time ,I was at the front of what I laughingly called a line ,and was taken care of while many others around me became angry about the confusion. When I "Listen" and then feel the calm and the love  in my heart  that "listening " shows me .I know  that I will be taken care of ,and I am. I am at peace in a miraculous way, willing to  to accept what is happening  around me .Being taken care of ,I do not have to change anything or try to protect myself or provide  for my needs .I do not pretend  to know  how all this works , and  my logical mind cannot explain it. Of  course , just loving  or trying to love people , is not the whole answer. My loving is not enough : I must ask my guide what to do ,what is happening ,and how to see it. But my faith  that I will be taken care of, coupled with "listening" to my Inner voice for direction  and assurance ,does have the power to make me
feel peaceful and protected  and to experience  this harmony. but confidence that what is happening  is for the best, no matter what my  own "judgement " or my "first voice" may tell me. .This secound voice has been called the  still, small voice  the Voice  for God , the inner guide the  vision, Spirit , intution  and many other names .But  by whatever name it is  called , it  is available to all of us  for direction  and reassurance . Its use  requires our desire to seek help from within ,as well as our  willingness to be quite and listen.  Namaste Janis  

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