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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stop Mediation Technique and Calling to Oneself..2 short Practices..

This  is a method which  Gurdjief , Russian  mystic used with his disciples. Sometime during the day, when the rememberance comes, just  STOP !!  Observe how the body is feeling , the sounds around you  and any emotions or feelings or thoughts arising. Just observe them ,  there is no need to alter or change anything .
Just observe. This meditation  brings you into the moment .Coming into the present  is one of the benefits of Mediatation.

Meditation practice : Calling to Oneself : This mediatation is to  bring you into the Moment.
In your Daily Life , from time to time  stop and say : { Your Name }, Are you there ?""
Then close your eyes , feel where your body is  and then feel your breath and when  you are Present  answer :   " YES , I am  here".
 Since these are short practices. I thought  two would be fun to practice out through the week..Love to hear your comments what came up for you !!

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