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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Listening "How to Increase awareness of your Inner Guide"

 Lesson 3 ; "Listen  with Assurance,
 We  are being  directed even when  we are unaware. We are where we are supposed to be  and doing  what we are suppose to be doing. "Why is  this happening to me ?''  These judgements are the result of how  we  perceive the world about us. We are spending time asking "Spirit " to explain the insanity of the world that we ourselves create through our attitudes and beliefs... Therefore the question . "What is happening here?''' if asked  with a desire to change the situation and not to know what lesson is involved, will bring  no useful answers.
 The ultimate answer to the question.  "Why is this Happening ?" will always be. "Everything
is fine, despite what we  see, feel. or think about it , and despite what others tell us." Spirit's "
 will is always done, regardless or our awareness, or lack of awarness. of this reality.
It  will eventually dawn on us that the only real request is . "Show us the blessing or the lesson You  would have us learn". We then find that what was happening all along was for our  happiness, and  that we are being given chance after chance to learn our lessons...

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