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Monday, December 26, 2011

The New Year !! I am not about New Year Resolutions ..more about Positive Thoughts ..

For the "New Year"" 2012... Is amazing...I think it is great to share ideas..

instead of "Resolutions " most of the time they are broken in 30 Days or less.

Here are some  positive thoughts to ponder on......

I am here to share my  Knowledge with others and to help them make rapid
progress on the path of Yoga ...

I bow to the Inner Light, and focus on my right side of my heart.

Be Receptive everything is perfect  with Yoga  you can achieve equanimity
in all things.

Reduce your wants and lead a happy, contented  Life. Ahimsa  is supreme Love.

Be happy with what you have become like a child  that's it...

 Total surrender of the ego!!

Be kind to all Living beings...

Think of God as soon as you wake up in the morning .

Think of God  before you go to bed !!

and remember  everything  is perfect !!!  Namaste  Janis Tate...

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