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Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Light on Forgivness !! Forgivness Week..

 The healing  can take place  only in release , and you  can release every person only when
that state of  "GRACE ".. has come to you  and you realize that you  no longer need power.
Your oneness with " SPIRIT "  is your  assurance of  Omniscience, Omnipotence , and Omnipresence, and because of that you can  "RELEASE'"  anybody and everybody.

This might be called forgiving, but is far better way of dealing with the whole subject of "Forgivness" than the traditional approach. To "Forgive", is difficult because  forgivness has always implied  the forgiving of a actual wrong done, which in some way one is  supposed to forget. This is rather difficult to do. It is  far easier to forgive if you can see that the reason that you think a wrong has been done to you is because you were expecting something from someone, and you had no right to expect anything from anybody. So in the begining it was your
fault; you brought it on yourself. You  expected something of someone; therefore, that person did to you what you are having a hard time forgiving. If you had not expected anything  of him,
however, you would have nothing now to " Forgive", and you  and he would be at "Peace"....

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